Signs of Brake Problems

A Disasterous Overlook

One of the most terrifying situations you can find yourself in is speeding along the highway and discovering that your brakes are no longer working. Even just driving on main street or the street on which you live can be a horrifying experience if your car’s brakes decide to quit working. It can not only have lethal consequences for yourself, but you might hurt others and cause property damage. Besides the emotional cost and strain you’re going to feel, there could be substantial repair costs and lawsuits that will come your way. To ensure your brakes are in the best shape possible, you should regularly schedule brake service Marysville WA. This will ensure that their lifespan remains extended, and you won’t find yourself with any unpleasant surprises. That being said, it may be difficult to know when the odd sounds or potential signs of something being wrong is an indication of your brakes wearing down or are damaged. Here are a few signs to be aware of when driving.



Brake Light

The easiest sign that will indicate you need to take your car in for brake service is when the brake light appears on your dashboard. It can be either a yellow or red light, typically. The light can either mean your car is due for brake service or that it is detecting a problem with your brakes. You should consider some of these additional signs to determine if it is the latter. If all you notice is the light on, then you should be safe to drive a bit longer, but scheduling a repair or even just a look over is certainly a wise idea.


Squealing And Grinding

Noises are an excellent indicator of your car’s health. If you notice a high-pitched noise when you’re in motion that stops when you brake, it could be a sign that your pads are worn. Grinding when you brake is another indication that your brake pads are worn.