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Top Three Premium Hatchbacks in the Indian Car Market Today

The convenience of easy maneuvering the cars through urban roads, accessibility of every individual comfort, combined with loads of grunt facilitated these sedans to make their credible stand in the market.  The elite features and all the improvements that have been merged in these segments discover the remarkable trio premium hatchbacks namely Honda Jazz, Hyundai Elite i20 and Maruti Suzuki Baleno to spread their wings in the market. So, let’s take a look at these electrifying feats of automotive creativity.

1: Honda Jazz: In terms of practicality nothing comes close to challenging against the Honda Jazz. It redefines the styles with its unique sporty crossfade monoform design. Bold, well maintained front dynamically expresses attitude whereas side charisma lines, alloy wheels and rear spoiler makes heads turn every time. It’s a smooth burst of energy representing speed and control. The Honda Jazz comprises variety of safety features such as SRS airbags, ABS with BD, power mitigating headrest and immobilizer anti-theft system. In addition to this, the Jazz also originates with a 90PS 1.2 litre petrol engine and 100PS 1.5 litre diesel engine. The car also features the segment of five delightful seats and claims a fuel efficiency of 27.3kmpl which is finest in class.

2: Hyundai Elite i20: Hyundai Elite i20 is one of the leading premium hatchbacks available in automobile market today that offers convenience, great safety features and excellent comforts. Hyundai Elite i20 has appealing design that fascinates customers from all over the India. People who are searching a car for family Hyundai Elite i20 is the best option that can accommodates entire family members with ease. There are multiple options available in this car and if it is beyond the budget then they can search for used cars in Mumbai. This superior hatchback also approaches with a 90PS 1.4 litre diesel unit and 82PS 1.2 litre petrol engine. It is one of the preferred choices because of its ergonomic and dynamic design that offer convenience, comfort, safety and space.

3: Maruti Suzuki Baleno: Baleno is one of the contemporary arrivals in the premium hatchback category. The car features are innovative with modernized interiors that emphasis safety, comfort and convenience with ease to their passengers. In addition to this, Baleno comes with an option of both a 1.2 liter petrol engine and 1.3 liter diesel engine. The cabin has more space and 5 members can be accommodated with ease. 5 seaters compact Baleno car comes with gracefully and appealing interior to fulfill basics and advance needs of the drivers along with other backside passengers.

People can enjoy the privileges of the above electrifying feats of automotive creativity in used car segments as well. They can search for used cars in Mumbai or any other prime localities as per their needs and preference. People who cannot afford new premium hatchbacks they can check out the second hand cars that fits in their financial budget.



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Microchip for Better Vehicle Protection

What shall you do to ensure your private property reliably saved? Possibly, microchip shall answer your concern. The advancement of technology and its electronic products shall provide sufficient support to modern individuals. Today, we cannot be separated from technology application in diverse fields from entertainment to vehicle protection. One of the most significant factors to affect technology advancement is on alarm system. A vehicle shall be safely parked at any spot without worrying to get breached. The alarm shall notify the owner, people, and local police officer regarding the breach.

Possibly, this shall be necessary to adapt different applications which are useful for day-to-day living. Protection system is elementary to apply. This is not limited to vehicle but also the house. Higher criminal actions in the local neighborhood shall drive most individuals to take precautions. At this point, there should be integrated point to adopt in saving the property of every individual.

Microchip for Vehicle Protection

When you are not ready to face the improvement of today’s technology, you shall be left behind. You need to find out that the way people adapt to current situation is assisted by the presence of modern device. The process of applying new hardware in a device shall generate reliable performance. Hence, it is not surprising to find the advancement of electronic at your right front door. You can install the alarm at the house. Or, you could save the vehicle from possible theft.

Your choice shall determine the way you keep your life comfortable. As you park the vehicle by the road, it might be feasible to have it traced when the car stolen. Indeed, GPS system shall enable the owner to trace back the vehicle position. The security is doubled with alarm system. With the concept, you shall be able to reap the benefits on the invention of microchip at modern technology.

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Automotive Writing: What You Need to Know

Are you looking to enter into the automobile industry? If you have much craze and love towards automobiles and adore automotive writing jobs and writing career in the field of automobile industry, you need to gain pretty much knowledge about automotive writing. If you’ve already bump into one of the assets that businesses frequently evaluate at the time of determining whether or not to hire automotive content writers.


It is quite challenging and tough to break into any field and acquire your adored job in automobile industry as an automotive content writer. In order to start your career in the field of automotive content writing and reach to a successful position as one of the best automotive content writers, it is not just sufficient to have passion and love towards automotive content writing jobs. There must be something more than your love of the automobiles. Here is everything you need to know about automotive writing. Take a look!

All you need to Know about Automotive Writing

For beginners, you need toselect a place of the automobile industry in order to focus on your automobile content writing job. Once you acquire a job in any of the companies in the automobile industry, the next step is that you need to turn yourself trustworthy and genuine to the company. When a company of particular industry or Automobile industry hire you as an automotive content writer, they wish you to develop their business by enhancing the market share and augmentworth to their publication.

Also, you need to learn something more about automotive writing. Here are some things you need to know that will help you leadyour automotive writing career in the best way:

  1. Automobile Reviews

The first and primary skill an automotive content writer must and should have is the ability to write reviews and analysis on different vehicles launched recently in the automobile industry. You can do that by driving that particular vehicle and understand all the positives and negatives of that vehicle. You can then start writing all the features and technical specifications of the car alongside your experience while handling the car and the feel you’ve acquired while driving it.

  1. Automotive journalism

Once you are done with writing vehicle reviews or analysis, you need to do automotive journalism. It means that you need to go on for automotive news reporting that is usually present in Automotive News and Area’s Auto World. You need to have the ability to make contacts with the leading experts in the automobile industry. Another most important thing is that make sure you have a journalism degree or handful writing experience in your previous automotive content writing jobs.

  1. Automotive Expansion

In your automobile reviews, you need to include all the elements like manufacturing equipment, software programs integrated, engineering techniques and much more. You need to work in such a way that you will help your company expand and develop its business in the automotive content writing market.

  1. Have Knowledge in Automotive Repair

It is not just enough to know about the parts and working of a vehicle but also pretty much experience as a mechanic.It could help you attain higher positions in your profession as an automotive content writer. However, even if you don’t have such skills, you need not bother about that but if you do have such skills; it could become a highly esteemed resource for your readers in regard with repair and maintenance of different vehicles.

This is all about automotive writing! You can now go ahead and start your career as an automotive content writer.… Read More

Periodic Maintenance Tips for Car Engine Performance

The car’s engine is the most important part of a vehicle, therefore proper treatment is needed so that the engine is always in good condition. One way to take care of a car engine is to maintain the cleanliness of every part of a car engine. Cleaning the car engine can do yourself without having to go to a salon car and the cost is not small. Treatment with how to clean the car engine which includes parts under the hood of the car, body engine, the air filter cover, to check every bolt and nut found on the car’s engine.

How to care for a car engine does not require any special skills or advanced technology. Simply use a soft cotton cloth and cleaning materials such as engine degreaser. soap, compound and wax or the like.
There are some important things you should look for when you are cleaning the parts of a car engine. While some devices such as AC devices and alternator should be avoided so as not exposed to water and chemicals. Both of these devices when exposed to water and chemicals would pose a risk of damage to other vital engine parts.

The main part of your wash is at the bottom of the engine block. Use a solution of green stone mixed with kerosene and then rub on the bottom of the engine block. And the next lap the engine block using a cotton cloth to clean. in addition to using a solution of green stone, you can use engine degreaser to clean the engine block. Also, use of soap to clean the surface of the engine block. Use a toothbrush or brush to reach the engine block which is not affordable.

In the cylinder head, air filter and carburetor lid, use wax to remove dirt attached to the machine body. You can also clean the hood using this wax material. To avoid scratches on the body of the machine, we recommend using a porous cloth or a soft cloth.

How to care for a car engine by way of cleaning you can do this at least once in three months, it is to keep your machine always clean, so that the engine performance is not disrupted by the presence of impurities that get into the inside of the machine.

So the car stays healthy and always in prime condition is needed Car Care maximum overall. But of course not everyone has the time or the habit of taking care of the car in detail. For those of you who do not have the time there are some important things on the car that you need to take care and should not be ignored.

Not only used cars who are elderly who need treatment, even the New cars also need regular care in properly, apply to the type of car matic (automatic) or a car with a manual transmission.

Care of the engine that is easy to check regularly on the engine oil, air filter and radiator fluid, and drive a car with reasonable care.

Here are four simple ways to treat the car

1- Change oil regularly

The performance of a machine is very dependent on the care of this one. To maintain the condition of the car engine to keep the car properly primed oil must be replaced periodically and timely manner in accordance with standard rules of each type of car, in general, oil changes after the vehicle a distance of 3000 km to 5000 km.

Besides selecting the right oil in accordance with the standard car engine needs can prevent overheating of the engine. Oil is very important to the resilience of a car engine, where the oil has a role withstand friction that occurs in an engine.

2- Check the radiator or coolant fluid

The role of the radiator is essential to neutralize the heat engine. If water radiator empty not only cause damage to the machine, but also can endanger motorists. Vacancy water in the radiator will cause heat-called overheating in the engine. Seeing how important the radiator to the engine conditions, the water in the radiator should check your car regularly.

3- Clean the filter carburizing

One of the factors causing the car engine is turned hard sometimes include carburizing sieve filter dirty car. Cleaning the filter strainer is not hard enough carburizing use a toothbrush to remove the crust and dirt on filter . Avoid using a hairdryer or compressor when cleaning the filter carburizing it would be likely to cause damage to the filter layer carburizing.

4- Racing your car

The car’s engine used in the long term it will produce a crust on some parts of the machine. To fix this easily, simply accelerate the vehicle by stepping on the gas deeper in order crust contained on the machine can come out through the exhaust. Of course you have to pay attention to driving safety when trying to spur faster your vehicle.Read More

Those Parts of Your Car You Don’t Even Know

Are you a car buff? Do you have any interest in cars at all? Or like most people, you are a casual driver, who goes to work by car, but doesn’t care too much about how it works? There is nothing wrong with that, after all this is the reason why car mechanics exist. However, a bit of knowledge hasn’t hurt anyone (well, aside from weapon stuff, etc.), so we will be telling you a bit about those more “obscure” parts of your vehicle, which you may not even know exist. And don’t forget that knowing a bit about your vehicle will help you strike a better deal when you have to pay for repairs. For example, you won’t need to pay for extra stuff you don’t really need, like changing the oil every couple of thousand miles, when actually you need to do it every 5 to 7 thousand miles ideally. But let’s get on some facts.

Have you even heard about oil pans? These things help the engine run smooth (or run at all, actually). Of course, even the most unfamiliar person knows about engines and that the engine is the heart of every car, but that heart needs some lubrication to work properly, otherwise it will literally catch on fire from all the friction. That is why the “low on oil” light on your dashboard is so important – because you maybe fifteen revolutions away from your car catching on fire from all the friction. But the oil pan serves two functions. The first is kind of obvious – it keeps the oil from spilling, so the engine can constantly be lubricated. But it also protects the engine from outside dirt, dust, rubble and similar things, which can also cause friction. Because no matter how good your oil is, if it gets debris inside, you might as well light your car on fire yourself, just to save yourself some time.

You also hardly think about some internal cooling mechanisms. As we have already said, heat can build up rapidly and even the best oil can’t stop your engine from heating up. So you need a way to cool it down. Here comes the engine cooling system. There are different designs out there, but most commonly you’d see a radiator filled with coolant and a fan blowing heat away. So yes, AC in your car may be important, but your engine needs it more.

There are also many “smaller” parts, which help keep your vehicle intact. We are talking about arches, fenders, sills and the like, which actually keep out dirt and debris, just like the oil pan. If something gets in your car’s mechanism, you will have a bad time.

Lastly, there are the shock-absorbers. These things help you have a smooth ride and not have your car vibrating constantly. Imagine what it would be if you were shaking like there’s no tomorrow, because there probably wouldn’t be one when you lose control of your vehicle. So oil pans, cooling system, fender, arches, sills and shock-absorbers – all these help your car run smoothly and fine, without issues. But keep them in check, or you will have a bad time.… Read More