5 Driving Mistakes You Have Probably Committed

It is in human nature to try to get the easy way out of things, especially when it comes to driving. Sure, during road tests we all shape up nicely and over exaggerate all of our movements and double check all of our mirrors to show the tester that we know what we’re doing. But once we get on the road, we tend to slide away from those rules or skip some of those steps because we want to get on the road and move on.


Of course, some of these mistakes can be benign, but others can have severe consequences for yourself, other drivers and your vehicle. If you want to brush up on your driving skills, you can always take a free driving theory practice test online. Sites like TopTest.co.uk offer tons of mock theory tests to help you sharpen your skills. In this article, we’re going to explore five common driving mistakes we’ve all probably committed:

1. Driving Through an Amber Light

I have been guilty of this many a time. We all know that the amber light means “slow down,” but most people tend to speed up when they see that. Maybe it’s because people don’t want to wait at the red light or they just want to add some exhilaration to their lives.

2. Not Using Your Turn Signal

Some people may think it’s unnecessary and a waste of time to use their turn signal, but the turn signal is actually very important when it comes to driving. It certainly makes for less confusion. People tend to forget to signal when they’re switching lanes or turning a corner on a street because it’s an action that gets done in a matter of seconds. But those seconds are crucial in alerting other drivers or pedestrians.

3. Not Adjusting Your Seat Correctly

Seat adjustment can get annoying at times because it involves a lot of reaching down and shifting over and over and again. And some people think that seating position is not such a big deal, but it makes all the difference. Not only is it about comfort, it’s also about the how the sitting position affects leg control on the brakes or accelerator. Reaction times can be affected if drivers’ legs are barely touching the accelerator or brake pedals.

4. Not Using the Mirrors

Many people are guilty of this because they forget or just don’t care. But it’s crucial to check the rear and side mirrors to watch out not only for cars, but for motorists or pedestrians who can pop up at any time.

5. Leaving High Beams On

High beams tend to blind drivers ahead. They can be used when there are no street lights around, but in normal circumstances they shouldn’t be used. High beams can cause reduced visibility in certain conditions.

People are bound to forget these things and no one is perfect. But to prevent accidents and promote the safety of drivers all around, starting by making sure that theses crucial mistakes aren’t made.